The CC Hellas Mission

What is Calvary Chapel Hellas Ministries? We are a Calvary Chapel mission working in  Greece in order to reach and disciple the people in this nation, regardless of their ethnicity or cultural background. This ministry is under the care of Sean Coleman a missionary-pastor sent out by Calvary Chapel Queen Creek, Arizona. Sean and his wife Jacky have been serving on Crete, Greece since 2008.

What Is Our Vision? There is a need in Greece to reach and minister to both the Greek people and the thousands of immigrants living here. Our vision is therefore three-fold and consists of evangelism through Bible study, discipleship of believers, and equipping those serving in or called to ministry.


8 thoughts on “The CC Hellas Mission

  1. Lisa Baldwin

    Hello CC Greece,
    I saw and listened to many of the pastors from the recent Pastors and Leaders Conference at the castle. I heard what you had to say, Mr. Gonazales about Greece, the refugees, etc. I am contacting you because I am praying about attending the Missions Conference in August in Millstatt. I am an ESL teacher online and I am also getting my MA in Linguistics in TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages). I am currently developing a “program” or curriculum, like an English Camp that involves storytelling–a graceful way for immigrants, refugees, and the like to learn English and express their life at the same time, if they take that opportunity to do so. So, I am praying about coming to the conference to network and see what God does with that. I believe I am just supposed to go there. I am not sure what would happen from being there except for however God leads from there. Anyway, I am contacting you and telling you this because I feel led to ask you this: What is your sense, your observations on women teaching English as a second language in Europe/refugees, etc. Is there a need for this? I am reaching out because this is where the Lord wants me to start with the inquiry for Europe as a whole.

    Thank you very much and God’s blessings!
    A Sister in Christ in Washington State,
    Lisa Baldwin

  2. Hi Lisa, can you send me an email contact? I’d love to talk to you more in this. -Frank

  3. Lisa Baldwin

    Dear Frank,
    Here is my email contact: ~ Lisa

  4. Lisa Baldwin

    Hello Frank, Do you have an email I can contact you at? ~ Lisa

  5. Anonymous

    Rodney York
    Greetings Frank and Suzie,

    My wife and I have returned from a mission trip to the Philippines and read the article in CC concerning

    your work recieving refuges in Greece. Your loving outreach and ministry to these people and

    demonstration of God’s love is commendable. We desire more information as to whether additional

    help there could be used. We understand that CC is putting together some short-term ministry in an

    attempt to assist your efforts. Where can we obtain more information on dates, times, costs and

    duration of service? Please direct us to those who are spearheading this assistance ministry.

    We have heard it is coordinated through CC and Samaritan’s Purse, but thus far have failed in

    obtaining any specific details which could help us decide if we can be of benefit and the timing

    of when this/these ministries will be transpiring.

    For God’s Glory,
    Rodney and Alice York – CA

  6. Hello Rodney, Thank you for the interest in our ministry and work. I will email you tomorrow regarding your questions.

    Lord Bless,
    CC Hellas Ministry

  7. Garrett Osterode

    Helli! I will be visiting Athens area on 6/2/17 to 6/9/17…. I would love to meet other Christians on my trip….please feel free to contact me … i am a member if calvary chapel signal hill ca. …pastor james kaddis.

  8. Tess Limbo


    My name is Tess and I just recently visited Athens. I was able to spread the word to my friends in Athens. Do you have somebody in Athens that could continue to teach them more about Christ and the Calvary Chapel? Thank you

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